Apple-1: Computer Relic Sells For Thousands

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-06
In London, an Italian collector snapped up Apple\'s first computer ever.
The computer history, signed by the chief executive, was sold at Christie\'s for £ 133,250.
It cost $741.
In 1976, the latest price was slightly lower than expected at 150,000.
Apple launched in July 1976-
1 sold without housing, power supply, keyboard or display.
But because the motherboard is completely pre-
Assembled, it represents a big step forward compared to the competitive self
Assembly kit for the day. The first Apple
1 s was sent from Steve Jobs\'s parents\' garage, and the plot for the auction had his Montana return address on the original packaging.
According to Christie\'s, Apple
1 is an \"excellent example with original packaging, manuals, cassette interfaces and basic tapes, early documentation and sources, and a business rare letter from Steve Jobs \".
The winner, Mario boglioni from Turin, took the Apple home
1 motherboard, number 82, with \"some added later\", including printed circuit board with 6502 microprocessor and 4 lines-D and column 1-18.
However, it only has 8 k bytes of RAM, while Apple\'s latest iMac is up to 16g bytes --
More than 2 million times.
There is also a card with board connector, keyboard interface, low
Contour sockets on all integrated circuits and video terminals.
The back is the wire and electrical tape printed with Apple Computer 1 Pa loalto. Ca. Copyright 1976.
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