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advanced Backplane PCB rocket for vehicle

advanced Backplane PCB rocket for vehicle

Backplane PCB, high speed backplane
Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold
Stack up N+N, Min Track/Width 3/3mil, Blind & Buried vias, laser vias
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Product Advantage
  • Rocket PCB pays great attention to product quality and strives for perfection in every detail of products. This enables us to create fine products.
  • Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is a modern company engaged in the production, processing, service and distribution of printed circuit board.
  • Rocket PCB has R&D talents with great technical capabilities and management talents with rich experience. Our company is able to develop sustainably thanks to them.
Company Advantages
1. During the designing stage of Rocket PCB printed circuit board manufacturing , the seal between the rotating and stationary members has been taken into more consideration because these parts are important to the overall effectiveness. The product reduces the possibility of loose connections or short circuit
2. The product has promising development prospects and can meet the needs of customers. The product allows a high density among components
3. This product has passed the formal certification of industry quality standard. It is specifically designed to lessen the chances of shorts and wiring issues
4. Due to the implementation of a complete quality management system, the product meets the most stringent quality standards. It offers a simple platform to arrange the electronic components in a compressed way
5. Strict quality checks are performed on different quality parameters throughout the production process to ensure that the product is completely defect free and performs well. It improves the wiring density and reduces the spacing of components


The backplane has a lot of distinctive features.

A large part of the backplane is connected to some of the other boards at right angles. This requires that the backplane be much larger than conventional PCBs and that some backplanes even reach the 762mmx1066.8mm

The number of layers

In terms of the most common backplane, its layer is already in the 16~28, this number is much higher than the ordinary PCB


From the structure of the backplane itself, in order to be able to withstand more mechanical stress, it has to be designed much thicker than ordinary PCB. In most cases, the designer has to increase its thickness, and the typical backplane thickness is 2mm-4mm, which can be as thick as 4mm-6mm.

With the continuous development of science and technology, users of bandwidth requirements are becoming more and more stringent, which requires that the design of the backplane to be precise and rigorous enough, the production process of ordinary PCB has been far from meeting the needs of modern production. In order to produce a backplane that meets a variety of conditions, it is necessary to eliminate some of the original conventional equipment and replace it with a hybrid bus structure and assembly technology.

Product CASE

advanced Backplane PCB rocket for vehicle-Rocket PCB-img

High-speed Backplanes:

  ◪   Panel sizes up to 54 inches

  ◪   Over 70 layers

  ◪   Blind and back drilled through holes

  ◪   Dual diameter holes

  ◪   Heavy copper layers

  ◪   Connector expertise

advanced Backplane PCB rocket for vehicle-Rocket PCB-img

Product application

news-Rocket PCB-img                
Consumer electronics
news-advanced Backplane PCB rocket for vehicle-Rocket PCB-img                
Automotive electronics
news-Rocket PCB-advanced Backplane PCB rocket for vehicle-img                
product-advanced Backplane PCB rocket for vehicle-Rocket PCB-img                
product-Rocket PCB-img                
Industrial & Instrumentation
product-Rocket PCB-img                
IOT/Smart Home
product-Rocket PCB-img                
Medical electronics
product-Rocket PCB-img                
Security Industry

Company Features
1. Backplane PCB series products are the main products of Rocket PCB Solution Ltd.. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. is a company that produces high quality products as its core business.
2. The quality of pcb technologies has been guaranteed by advanced and practical.
3. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. includes a set of skilled professionals. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. strives to be the most professional high speed backplane supplier offering the best service. Inquire online!
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