a smart glove that can translate sign language

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-16
Scientists have created a low
Intelligent gloves that can wirelessly translate sign language into text and control objects in VR games.
The device, known as the \"glove language\", is made with cheap, commercially available, easy-to-assemble pull-up and printable electronics for less than $100.
\"Gesture recognition is just a demonstration of this glove ability,\" said Timothy O\'Connor, a PhD student at the University of California, San Diego . \". Off-the-
The team made the device using leather sports gloves and stuck nine stretchable sensors on the back at the knuckles
There are two on each finger and one on the thumb.
Stainless steel threads connect each sensor to a low power, custom
A printed circuit board attached to the back of the wrist.
When stretched or bent, the sensor changes the resistance.
This allows them to encode different letters of the American Sign Language alphabet based on the location of all nine knuckles.
The straight or relaxed knuckles are coded as \"0\" and the curved knuckles are coded as \"1 \".
When a letter is signed, the glove creates a 9-
A digital binary key translated into that letter.
For example, the code of the letter \"(
Thumb straight, all other fingers curled)
Is \"011111111\" and the code of \"B (
Thumb bent, all other fingers straight)is “100000000. ” The low-
The power printed circuit board on the glove will be nine-
Enter the number key into the letter and then transfer the signal to the smartphone or computer screen via Bluetooth.
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