\'a real deal\': ad handwritten by steve jobs offering a circuit board and manual for apple\'s first computer for $75 set for auction

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-08
This is very different from the exquisite advertising and perfect photography of Apple\'s latest products.
Bonhams will auction ads for Apple-the first Apple machine1.
Handwritten by Steve Jobs, which provided the machine with a bare circuit board and a manual for $75, Jobs claimed it was a real deal.
There are polar images of bare circuit boards, not smooth marketing images.
Scroll down to play a video job, many functions of the output unit, such as \"full crt Terminal \"(screen).
In 1976, the installation of the screen is revolutionary when most other hobbyist computers are programmed using a set of flashing LEDs on the front panel.
The supplied machine is considered to be one of the second batch of manufactured machines.
The top 50 boards were sold to byte stores, and jobs hopes to continue the company\'s momentum by marketing bare Apple
1 printed circuit board (PCBs)
To friends and acquaintances
Bonhams said that the current manuscript is basically the specification sheet of the computer, which was handed over to the shipper when visiting jobs\'s garage.
Jobs called the computer \"Apple Computer\"
1, and declare that it uses 6800, 6501 or 6502 microprocessor, but 6501 or 6502 is \"recommended because we have basic.
\"Work\" says \"basic\" on the way \"(ROM)
This has never been achieved for Apple.
1, but did it for Apple II the next year.
Two Polaroid photos were attached to the manuscript.
The first one is Apple.
1 on the wooden table, the keyboard, monitor and power supply are visible in the right edge part.
Another Polaroid to show the Apple
1 screen of Apple Computer Co. , Ltd.
Contact address and phone number at the bottom with jobs.
Jobs wrote 40x24 or 26 lines/blur with low profit because of the camera swing.
Jobs also included his contact details at the bottom of the letter, giving the address of his parents.
Apple is known for the garage attached to the house, where many of the original apples
1s was assembled by Jobs and Apple in the garage.
Founder Steve Woznick
In December 5, the history of technology sold by Bonhams also included a working Apple-
Steve Jobs gave one computer to the current owner (
Estimate: $250,000-350,000)
In addition to the working Apple Lisa, it also brings a computer with a graphical user interface (GUI)
And the mouse to the broader market (
Estimate: $30,000-50,000).
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